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Watoto Wetu Tunu Yetu

PPE UKAID supported project in Dodoma region (Kongwa and Chamwino districts); for improved early learning for years old; A project which is under the implementation of Maarifa ni Ufunguo and Children in Crossfire

 Objective 1: Scaling of quality improved Pre-Primary Education

 Objective 2: Demonstration of community early learning initiatives (ECD Centres)

•   Year-1 (2019/2020): 58 PPE model classes across 58 wards of 2 impact district councils: Kongwa and Chamwino (lowest PPE NER), includes 29 classroom construction

   Year-2 (2020/2021): ward-led uhawalisho (model PPE classes as hubs of communities of practice), in all remaining 165 schools across Kongwa and Chamwino

  Year-3 (2021/2022): partnership with PORALG/RALG to demonstrate ward-led uhawalisho across all 6 non-impact councils. Led by 150 WEOs supporting quality improved PPE in 500 PPE classes. (700 in total, about 70,000 children).


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Miwaleni ECD Centre Projects

Maarifa constructed Miwaleni ECD centre in collaboration with targeted community.   

we also organizes stakeholders dialogue for managing and sustainability of the centre. where by its managed by various representatives leaders of the area that include, councilor, ward executive officer, ward community development, ward healthy officer, ward education coordinator, village leaders chairman and village executive officer, school management committee representatives, dispensary representative and two school teachers i.e. the head teacher and assistant head teacher.

watoto wetu tunu yetu projects

Advocates for conducive learning environment and appropriate learning and teaching materials for ECD

Common available latrine for ECD in the rural setting

This are among of our mission on improving facilities in our communities living mostly in rural using unfriendly latrine.

advocate for the child right in education in age of 4-5 for better future livelihood

Maarifa advocate for child right to education to all children from the age of 4 - 5, to 18 in Northern and central Tanzania

Parent participating improving learning environment in school through Lanes project

Maarifa carry community mobilization in Longido district for parents to actively participate in provision of teaching and learning materials and feeding program in school.

school vegetable growing garden to improve nutrition in school

Maarifa staff mobilize parents to grow vegetables to be integrated  in schools feeding program that motivate children to attend school

eCD-early morning cycle

Early morning cycle for ECD pupils is to enable the teacher to identify if all children attended school and also memorize what has happened at home and on their way to school and also make them to be active by singing and dancing.