who we are?
our story

Maarifa, as we are generally known, is a Tanzanian NGO, initiated in late 1998 and registered formally in March 1999. We advocate for equitable accessible, affordable good quality education, which is ethically managed, promotes social integration, and develops citizens with the capacity and motivation to address problems of ignorance and poverty.
We believe that national development is a process of change, which affects everyone. To equitably involve all people in the process, Maarifa provides information and promotes education which:
Develops critical awareness of personal, local and national development
Encourages participation in decision making at all levels of society
Challenges attitudes and structures, inside and outside the country, which contribute to poverty, inequality and injustice
Specifically this involves:

Organisational Set-up

We are well placed to carry out the above work because:-

  • We have staff with skills in education policy analysis and in advocacy
  • We have staff with skills in participatory research, appraisal and planning.
  • Our internal organisation promotes the capacity building and growth of staff and supporters by drawing on their different experiences and skills in a non-hierarchical way.
  • We are accountable to a Board of Directors, which meets approximately every 2 months to advise on the direction and focus of our work.

We work with a core staff of 3 people: An Executive Director, a programme officer and an accountant. We will shortly be in a position to employ two additional staff members linked to project work in Early Childhood Care and Development.
We also frequently call on the services of associates and volunteers to assist us meet the demand for the work we do.

our vision

Maarifa ni Ufunguo envision accessible and affordable quality education for all children for quality life.

Our Mission

Maarifa is committed in making a difference locally and nationally through promoting education which

   Develops critical awareness of personal, local and              national development 

    Encourages participation in decision making at all            levels of society 

    Advocates for the need of marginalized groups and         challenges, attitudes and structures inside and outside      the country which contributes to injustice among              community.

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