Maarifa, as we are generally known, is a Tanzanian NGO, initiated in late 1998 and registered formally in March 1999. We advocate for equitable accessible, affordable good quality education, which is ethically managed, promotes social integration, and develops citizens with the capacity and motivation to address problems of ignorance and poverty.
We believe that national development is a process of change, which affects everyone. To equitably involve all people in the process, Maarifa provides information and promotes education which:
Develops critical awareness of personal, local and national development
Encourages participation in decision making at all levels of society.
Challenges attitudes and structures, inside and outside the country, which contribute to poverty, inequality and injustice.

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Our program and volunteering

7 (1632 x 918)

miwaleni integrated early child development Project 

Ward officers and parents groups discussion for the center management and sustainability 

1 (1632 x 918)


Pastoralists participating  on adult education through lanes project of improving the three key learning 3Rs (Reading, Writing and Numeracy)

9 (1632 x 918)

Miwaleni Center

Mr. Amani Lukumay Maarifa Executive director facilitating parents dialogue for the center sustainability